Comedian Dave Chappelle told the Tesla CEO, “It sounds like some of those people you fired are in the audience”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk found himself surrounded by a hostile crowd last week when comedian Dave Chappelle brought him on stage at a show in San Francisco.

“Ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for the richest man in the world,” Chappelle can be heard saying in a video posted on Twitter. Some in the audience began to cheer, but they were soon drowned out by boos that got louder and more persistent as the cameo became increasingly awkward.

At one point, Chappelle turned to Musk and said, “It sounds like some of those people you fired are in the audience.”

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Musk appeared rattled, eventually asking, “Dave, what should I say?”

After the video began circulating, the account that posted it abruptly disappeared from Twitter, which Musk bought in October. He downplayed the boos the next day in a tweet he later deleted.

“Technically, it was 90% cheers & 10% boos (except during quiet periods), but, still, that’s a lot of boos, which is a first for me in real life (frequent on Twitter),” Musk wrote. “It’s almost as if I’ve offended SF’s unhinged leftists … but nahhh.”

One person who was at the show, James Yu, disputed that assessment: “A good 80 percent of the stadium boos. 18k people,” Yu tweeted. “Dave gave him so many chances to speak but he just put his hands in his pockets.”

Chappelle’s introduction of Musk is no longer accurate. Musk has slipped to second place on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, behind French business magnate Bernard Arnault.

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